How it works:

Cellgym or IHHT (intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy) is an outstanding method to increase fitness and reduce susceptibility to illness at a cellular level. Our bodies are made up of 80 trillion cells. The power stations of these cells are the mitochondria. Mitochondria build Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the chemical basis for all reactions and metabolic processes. Stress, age, lifestyle and pollution all damage the mitochondria overtime. This damage can lead to chronic diseases and functional disorders that typically start in the mitochondria.

IHHT combats and reverses the damage by cleaning your cells, eliminating the old and damaged mitochondria and building new mitochondria. During IHHT, the human body adapts to the changing oxygen concentration. This leads to an increased production of red blood cells and new blood vessels (capillaries). The capacity for oxygen uptake and transport through tissue and cells is increased, and it is utilized more effectively.

Enhance your function and performance with High-Tech Altitude Training. This method involves breathing varying levels of oxygen, mimicking high altitude or mountain environments. It gives you a precise dose for hypoxia, creating adaptations in your mitochondria and improving your oxygen efficiency. It does not require strenuous physical activity, rather it is a internal workout that will enhance your physical performance, cognitive abilities and longevity.

Why is our device the best?

  • Utilizes advanced biofeedback & individual settings to adjust the treatment to the guest during all of the sessions, as well as monitor progression.
  • Unlike other altitude trainers, it works well without movement / sport.
  • CellGym could do both Intermittent hypoxia-normoxia training and Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia training.
  • Created by one of the most knowledgeable hypoxia-hyperoxia doctors in the world, together with many proven protocols.


    • Oxygen efficiency.
    • ATP production.
    • Slowing of the aging process.
    • Improves overall health & rejuvenation.
    • Improves metabolism
    • Prevent fatigue & improve sleep
    • Improve fertility in men and women
    • Overall athletic performance
    • Endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity
    • Acclimatize to high altitude before starting expeditions
    • Strong immune system & skin
    • Balanced hormone production
    • Increased cellular energy (more ATP)
    • Faster cell regeneration
    • Protection from oxidative stress
    • Stimulating co-enzyme Q10
    • Better concentration
    • Improved physical capabilities and mental faculties
    • Improved ability to handle stress
    • Activated fat metabolism
    • Prevention of dementia

Session time and frequency of use

One session lasts 40 min. With at least two training sessions per week within four weeks, a biological effect can be measured. This intelligent training favors a relaxation of the organism, detectable by the improvement of the HRV (heart rate variability). With altitude training therapy, you train your cells while lying and completely relaxed.