How it works:

Experience performance gains of up to twenty percent and reduced oxidative stress by breathing exclusion zone water. This energetically charged water simulates and amplifies your body’s natural cellular repair process allowing your cells to produce energy more effectively.

Cell damage is natural, and is going to occur. Our machine cannot prevent cell damage, but is designed to help cells after the damage has already occurred. The innovation consists in generating the precise and measurable signal inside the device, without producing any free radicals. The signal is transferred to humidity (absorbed) and the effect is delivered to you across humidified air. Avoiding the production of any kind of reactive oxygen species is a key aspect of this technology. University research verified that this technology produces precisely the correct signal.

Recover faster and revitalize through this biosignaling therapy. The NanoVi enables you to amplify a signal that is naturally generated by your body, ultimately stimulating the process of protein folding and triggering your cells to produce energy more effectively. This device supplies you with a gentle and regular flow of charged water vapor and upon inhaling this you will engage this bodily process. The NanoVi is used by many top athletes to recover faster and regenerate from daily damage to cells, caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Why is our device the best?

    • Has the most scientific evidence than any other devices (there is not even such a device to compare to).
    • The Exo version is the most time efficient. In 15 minutes you get equal benefits of 60 minutes sessions in older versions.
    • Short time of use and can be combined easily with PEMF.
    • NO Contraindications


    • Fast recovery
    • Reinstalling protein functions that are essential to cellular activity
    • Ability to address adverse effects of aging
    • DNA repair
    • Protection from oxidative stress
    • Stronger immune response measured in blood
    • Stronger stress response measured by Heart Rate Variability

Session time and frequency of use

For prevention, sessions are often 15 minutes, two or three times a week. People addressing one or more chronic diseases use the device much more frequently. There is no danger of overdoing it because it is a drug-free approach, called bio-identical signaling, that triggers your body’s natural processes rather than overriding them.