Biohacking Circuits

At OxyZone we have so many devices & therapy types that are proven to complement & enhance each other. Not only is it ok to experience them on the same day as part of a circuit, but combining them together helps you achieve better results than if they were done separately.

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For example, using the PEMF with Infrared Heat helps to improve the blood circulation, as well as charge & re-harmonize all the cells in the body = that is proven to allow the body to absorb 30% more oxygen, when doing one of our 2 Oxygen Therapies next.

Similarly, after oxygenating your body, an Infrared Sauna would be very complementary afterwards due to better absorption of light with more oxygen, as well as being a great “recovery” tool after the oxygen training.


Then after the sauna, jumping in an IceBath would be advantageous due to the contrast therapy benefits & effects. Also, everyone regardless of their training level can use our IceBath, since we can adjust the temperature to what fits you best at that moment. 

Another example would be NANOVI in combination with Hyperbaric, which is proven to enhance the results of HBOT, due to better recovery from reduction of oxidative stress & free radicals.


Even outside of one daily circuit, the ability for OxyZone clients to create the perfect Weekly Routine for them that combines multiple types of beneficial therapies, is a great advantage on its own.

Book an Intro Session with us today, let us get to know you, and receive a personal recommendation based on your goals & budget for the most efficient routine for you.

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