How it’s work?

HBOT therapy is carried out by exposing yourself to a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure and supplying 100% pure oxygen through special devices called hyperbaric chambers. Inside the chamber the air pressure is increased two to three times higher than normal air pressure.

Beneficial hyperbaric therapy by means of pure oxygen supply regenerates damaged cells in a human body and prevents further damage from occurring. Users inhale larger quantities of oxygen due to being exposed to a high-pressure environment, which allows more oxygen to be distributed to the damaged tissue and this in turn leads to a quicker recovery. Physical properties of oxygen causes it to dissolve in plasma when exposed to high pressure. Consequently, plasma supplies all of the body’s tissues with oxygen, even tissues with poor blood circulation.ow 

Boost your healing power and vitality breathing in pure O2. Our chamber delivers oxygen at pressure levels, proven to reverse aging and improve key biomarkers. Due to these levels, oxygen can penetrate deeply into areas, to the extent that new blood vessels can be created. This therapy will richly oxygenate your blood, creating an anti-inflammatory environment in your body and help overcome a range of health conditions from migraines to skin issues.

Why is our device the best?

    • Strongest chamber of its kind in the world – designed for 3.0 ata (300 kPa) of pressure
    • Higher pressure and higher oxygen concentration capability result in enhanced healing effects
    • Specially patented three-layer design
    • Strong and durable custom-built urethane material


    • Enhanced wound healing
    • Increased oxygen delivery to injured tissue
    • Greater blood vessel formation
    • Preservation of damaged tissues
    • Elimination and reduced effects of toxic substances
    • Proliferate stem cells
    • Improve the length of the telomeres
    • Reverse the aging process

Session time and frequency of use

Most sessions will last about one hour. You will be monitored by our staff throughout the entire treatment. Treatments can be stopped at any time if you are uncomfortable or need to get up. The number of sessions needed depends on the medical condition being treated. For chronic, non-healing wounds, many require between 20 and 40 treatments to see full results. These will generally take place once per day for four to six consecutive weeks.