How does work?

Neuroreceptor Therapy is a neurological, reflexogenic system that efficiently treats a wide spectrum of functional problems and solves musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, hormonal, chemical, and emotional dysfunctions. Dysfunction is a physiological and reflexive disorder that, in most cases, has a compensatory mechanism. The main goal of the treatment is to restore the optimal reflexive activity of the nervous system to a stimulus. This includes its motor, vegetative, and sensory response, which would result in no symptoms of pain or discomfort as perceived by the client, optimal range of motion, and accurate appropriate adaptation to the conditions of the external environment. In other words, Neurological Health is restored in this way.

Neuroreceptor Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, and painless method based on the real time manual effect of sensory receptors on the human body. Our method stimulates your receptors to check the response of the Nervous System to these stimuli. By focusing on this response, we treat the receptors that have created dysfunctions in the first place.

Why is the best manual therapy?

    • Is very gentle and non-invasive.
    • Treat the origin/source/root of the dysfunction, not the problems created to compensate for the dysfunction .
    • It’s a fast technique.
    • Is based in neurology, neurophysiology, biomechanics and basics of Applied Kinesiology.


    • Improve Range Of Motion
    • Resolve Cognitive and Emotional Disorders
    • Pain Relief
    • Resolve the Source of the Problem, not the Symptoms
    • Better performance.

Session time and frequency of use

Session will be no longer than 60 minutes. We are working directly with the brain and sometimes less time is better to it.